And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mark 16:15 King James Bible

неделя, 26 юни 2016 г.

Naive again americans and the Piper Francis


Name of God: I AM (Exodus 3:14), referring to the "archon" or that Pope Francis proclaims himself as God, the I AM?

Red blends with Blue to make IMPERIAL Purple. The pope is the emperor of the world.


via Douglas Willinger

Sunday, June 26, 2016

7-16-2016 Evangelicals To Unite With The Beast

at Washington, D.C. event

So there you have it. The pope beast will gather the beasts of the field to himself. Why do I call them beasts? Because it is biblical. Because these people don't have the heavenly wisdom, reason to worship God in spirit and truth and to live repentantly, to avoid sin and communion with evil and so forth. Therefore, they are as the brutes of the field, fresh meat for the Devil. And this event isn't the beginning of a one world religion. Hello, Catholicism has been a one world religion since times roman. It has always been. The pope is simply the main idol and the God of gods and King of kings and Priest of priests of this world religion. 16.07.17 is 777, the archontic reference. Perhaps we are to be spectators of a strike by the archons, who want to prevent this peaceful fellowship?

 IN OTHER NEWS, (TRAGIC TOMFOOLERY). Yes, Trump accepted Evangelicalism as much as Hitler accepted Protestantism or Putin renegade Orthodoxy. To drag it down.

Dr. James Dobson says Trump accepted Jesus Christ

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump poses for a photo after an interview with Reuters in his office in Trump Tower, in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S., May 17, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

(TRUNEWS) Dr. James Dobson says Donald Trump has recently accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and that Christians should be praying for him.

In an interview with the President and CEO of Godfactor, Michael Anthony, Dr. Dobson said “I think he is listening, theres a lot of people ministering to him personally, a lot of ministers. He did accept a relationship with Christ, I know the person who led him to Christ, and thats fairly recent.”


Expanding on that statement, Dr. Dobson went on to say:

“I don’t know when it was but it has not been long, and I believe he really made a commitment, but he’s a baby Christian (IN THE MIND OF GNOSTICS GOD THE CREATOR IS INFANTILE), we all need to be praying for him, especially if theres a possibly of him being our next chief executive officer, and I think that he’s open. He doesn’t know our language, you know, we had 40 Christians together with him, he used the word hell four or five times, he doesn’t know our language, he really doesn’t, and he refers a lot to religion and not much to faith and belief.”

Mr. Anthony responded to Dr. Dobson’s comments about Trump’s ignorance of Christian etiquette, “you know its interesting that you say that, I’m sure Saul when he became Paul didn’t know much of the language either.”
To this, Dr. Dobson said:

“Ya well you’ve got to cut him some slack he didn’t grow up like we did. And I think theres hope for him, and I think theres hope for us. I have great concerns about the next election.”

Dr. Dobson was part of a select group of Evangelicals who were invited to meet with the presumptive nominee in private prior to the main event in New York City Tuesday — which included 1000 Christian leaders from around the country, and TRUNEWS President Rick Wiles.

Regardless of who led Donald Trump to Christ, and whether this conversion is genuine, Christians throughout the world should be praying for blessings of safety and wisdom over the man who may very well be the next President of the United States of America.
May God work in his heart and soul as our nation faces the largest crisis of character since its inception.

сряда, 22 юни 2016 г.

Icebreaker #2


Sunday, December 6, 2015


PutinPutin Accuses West of Underestimating Terrorism And Nazis

Putin accused the global community of underestimating Nazism and “certain Western governments” of failing to admit that Nazism was arising in Western Europe and of doing the same today with the rise of “terrorism.”

“This common threat is spreading its danger before our very eyes,” Putin said. “We must create a modern collective security system beyond blocs and with all countries on an equal footing. Russia is open to discussions on this most important issue and has repeatedly stated its readiness for dialogue. For now though, as was the case on the eve of World War II, we see no positive response.”

The Kremlin has pushed for Western and Middle Eastern states to join efforts of the Syrian government to crackdown on militant groups, though many have refused, objecting to the authoritarian regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Putin accused NATO of “stepping up its aggressive rhetoric” and vowed that Russia will increase its military capabilities in response.

The Russian president has repeatedly been accused of playing up Moscow’s role in combatting Nazism in World War II, but whitewashing the initial partnership with Adolf Hitler, the subsequent occupation of the likes of Poland and the Baltics, as well as the repressions of the Soviet government that followed.


 is a book which alleges that Stalin used Nazi Germany as an "icebreaker" to start a war in Europe which would allow for the Soviet Union to come in, clean up, and take control of all of Europe

Of course, Putin's good friend Stoltenberg and all his other good friends in NATO are actually helping Putin's cause by posturing and increasing tension, thus preventing the formation of a international security organization. Putin relishes this, because he doesnt need terrorism to be prevented, but increased, as it is......Europe is being systematically infused with terrorism and terror and Putin will enter the scene when NATO is no longer needed.

вторник, 21 юни 2016 г.

Killing sodomites in the name of who?

Anderson and his disciples are not standing for the bible, but are doing Satan's work by wishing praying and preaching capital punishment on sodomites.

A workman of God preaches the judgment of GOD and the gospel of CHRIST, not temporal punishment. Sodomy was prevalent at the times of the apostles and many sodomites converted to Christ. Pastor Romero, Anderson, and all of the same stock,  do not speak of the spirit of God, but of the hateful spirit of man.

9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor ABUSERS OF THEMSELVES WITH MANKIND, ...................

11 And SUCH WERE SOME OF YOU: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of

Now Sodomites will flee to the moderate camp i.e catholic-evangelicalism. Anyone using the law in passing temporal judgement should be careful not to be found under death penalty ...., Matthew 7:1-2.

неделя, 19 юни 2016 г.

Putin's strange retreat n2

Putin just said USA is the only world superpower. This is a curious move, to say the least, even surprising to his nationalist electorate, considering the recent massive build-up of  NATO weaponry and personnel on the west border of Russia and his hard stance against the west since his famous Munich speech about the uni-polar world.

"America is a great power - today probably the only superpower. We accept that," Putin said at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. "We want to and are ready to work with the United States."

Putin said he welcomed Trump's desire to restore U.S.-Russia ties. "What's wrong with that?" Putin asked, drawing applause from the audience.

Russian hackers reportedly stole data from the Democratic party (Clinton) two days ago. That may explain why Putin is suddenly warming to the USA. Because Trump may be handed the victory by a blow to Clinton and Trump's USA will aid Putin in his future annexations.

петък, 17 юни 2016 г.

The jesuits in prophecy

Prophecy concerning the repairers of the gates of hell, the resuscitators of the son of perdition, the jesuits.

1 Samuel 5:3
And when they of Ashdod arose early on the morrow, behold, Dagon was fallen upon his face to the earth before the ark of the LORD. And they took Dagon, and set him in his place again.

Revelation 13:3
And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

сряда, 15 юни 2016 г.

The third Rome scheming against the 2nd (and 1st?)

Putin, on his visit to ATHOS, sat on the Byzantine emperor throne.

Okay, things have started to finally appear as they are.Putin must do LOADS of damage both to europe and russia. HE will create the chaos and will not be the saviour, but the Hercule Poirot novel type villain discovered at the last minute.

The eurasian program of Putin is not simply russia-centric, but russian orthodoxy centric. I will now skip the role of orthodoxy in eurasian ideology, Dugin is sufficient reference material.

If Putin wants Russia to become the new third Rome imperially, he would want to get rid of the old ONES. And I write "would want", because in reality Putin's mind is aligned with the catacombs of the old 7 hill Rome, not Moscow or St Petersburg. But for his theatric part, if he is the chief archon, the usurper of the Pope's power, he would want those two to fall or at least to be subjected to his clerical lap-dogs. And this is preciselly what we are seeing with the drama around the proposed Great and Holy orthodox council. Russia won't participate. And more than that - It has destroyed the council. Several churches have pulled, last one being Serbia, all secretly good old KGB workshops. But Moscow doesn't want the world to realize its her hand breaking apart the council, so the Serbian church, which would be the first to be suspected of being controlled by the Kermlin, has now declared attending. Clever moves. The damage has been done and now Bartholomew, the buddy of Francis is disgraced. And any hope of further ecumenism is destroyed. Because, aside from everything else, the council was to include ecumenical discussion. The gist of this all is that Moscow wants to take the place of Constantinople as the third Rome and acts in the manner of the old papacy back in the 1400s!!!!!- actively participates in its destruction and marginalization. And the first step to accomplish this is to act defiantly by putting a great reproach on Bartholomew, and who knows, maybe Moscow will even let Turkey  dissolve the Constantinople patriarchate.

I suggested before that for a lesser reason (kings glory), Putin won't fight Erdogan. In fact, with the dowining of the russian plane and Putins strong man reaction, and with the refugee crisis, Erdogan helped Putin carve his image of a christian-rescuer, perhaps even with a view to the future Putin ivasion of Europe, in return for something (THE MIDDLE EAST?) And  he prepared a scape-goat - DAVUTOGLU, who called the felling of the plane and was discharged. Erdogan doesnt want the situation to escalate yet. (I think he will backstab russia when the opportunity arises)

Lies, lies, lies, lies:

Why The Russian Orthodox Church isn't going to the council of Crete and where does the controversy lay

BBC BBC: What is the essence of the problems on the eve of the Council on Crete contradictions?

Andrew Kuraev, theologian, professor at the Moscow Theological Academy: content claims our church is not expressed in the documents of the Council, therefore, like we were supposed to go there.
But there is a significant factor for the modern church life. The Greeks seemed to still do not know that Constantinople fell. And we have phantom pain over the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the Greeks have phantom pains of the disappearance of the Byzantine Empire.
They want to see it in the virtual incarnation of the church life. Patriarch of Constantinople called himself Universal.
We insisted that all decisions were made by pan-Orthodox community.
It seems to be agreed with this. But suddenly Constantinople after the failure of a number of churches from participating says no, still hold Cathedral and assume his Pan-Orthodox. Therefore, our Synod and decided: no, do not go, not to throw into the furnace of the universal vainglory.

Vakhtang Kikshidze, deputy chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations with the media: Pan-Orthodox Council requires the participation of all local Orthodox Churches. ROC actively participated in the preparation of this Council, offering documents and so on.
However, problems arose with the participation of a number of local churches that have declared their unwillingness to participate in the Cathedral of Crete. ROC on 3 June offered to assemble an emergency meeting of the representatives of the local churches, to resolve the contradictions.

Vsevolod Chaplin, Archpriest: Many Orthodox Christians (bishops, priests, religious) believe that in the draft documents prepared for the council, too much pertains to ecumenism (ie an offer to strive to unify various Christian denominations).
This criticism has arisen around the world. This criticism is not heard.
Plus - the Patriarchate of Constantinople powerfully behaves. Five churches have refused to participate in the Council, as Constantinople is trying to hold it at any cost. I'm afraid that this is connected with the ambition to organize a pan-Orthodox structure that would replace the decision-making in some Orthodox churches. But in Orthodoxy is not the papacy and Constantinople the papal ambitions are unlikely to be accepted. I think that the Council, which will take place even without the participation of one of the churches, there will be illegitimate. I do not know how in these conditions, they can pretend that decisions of this Council were binding.

Bi-bi-si: Why have the different local Orthodox churches refused to participate in the Council?
Andrew Kuraev: All the reasons are different (nice joke). At the church of Antioch conflict with Jerusalem, the church classic conflict over territory. Plus, it is important for them to adopt a new style in the calendar. Council refuses to do it - then what we sense to go, they say in the church of Antioch.
In the Serbian church conflict with the Patriarchate of Romania, who opened his diocese in Serbia - as if to ethnic Romanians. But without agreement. And conflict, Constantinople does not help and the Cathedral, this issue is not imposed.
Plus part of the monks saw the shadow of ecumenism in the possible draft decisions, and also presses.

Vakhtang Kikshidze: Each of the local Orthodox Church has its own pressing issues to be addressed.
Patriarchate of Antioch is in dispute with the canonical Orthodox Church in Jerusalem because Jerusalem has organized the diocese in Qatar, which the Patriarchate of Antioch considers its canonical territory.
Some church feel ignored. Someone did not sign documents. All this has created barriers to participation in the Council. Church asked to postpone the date of the Council, but the Patriarchate of Constantinople did not agree.

Chaplin: The expression of criticism. It is obvious that an attempt to have Constantinople over the tight control of everything that happens in the Orthodox world, is not supported.
This criticism is justified - because it is obvious that every living religious community seeks to draw in their faith all over the world, and we try to offer integrated in another project by inertia.
The future belongs to those religious communities that offer the world his faith and vision for the future.
Constantinople missed the train of history, he is trying to solve religious issues through bureaucratic procedures. But the world has changed.

BBC BBC: What could be the consequences of any contentions?

Kuraev Andrew: And we do not know how to behave is now meeting in Crete. Maybe they call themselves Pan-Orthodox Council, and perhaps meeting. We will see.
And the second. If they gather and gather doubtless will they not say - but let's not deal with these Orthodox barbarians - [and instead have] a purely Greek meeting and take a decision? And they can then make decisions that will vex our churches.
And we believe that they dont have such authority. And they believe that there is. This is also a spirit of popery. But it does not accept in the Orthodox Church.
And further. We are disgraced before the whole world. This event advertised. We talked for so long - the spirit of catholicity in Orthodoxy, no earthly oracle. And suddenly it became clear: lose the gift to gather at the  council and solved together.

Chaplin: I do not rule out that the churches which refused to participate in the Council, will sooner or later decide to gather their own Orthodox council.
It would be useful to give a voice to this informal meeting of the Orthodox authorities: theologians and priests, the elders, and publicists.
If these churches have the courage and the energy to create its own system of interaction between the Orthodox, it will bring together most of the Orthodox Christian world and will probably be more effective.

неделя, 12 юни 2016 г.

Rounded them up in the Trump pen

As I said before, the Clintons' blunders, the bernie drama and other things pour voters from traditionally far-left and democratic populaces into Trump's bucket to rocket him to the presidency. And he just won a big piece of the gay vote. How?

50 people dead, more than 50 others taken to hospital after shooting at downtown Orlando nightclub


I find it hard to believe that a single gunman can kill and wound heavily over 100 people. If we assume he hit each person at least once AND didn't miss, that would be at least 3 magazines. As always, there could be a member of the swat team or the police who acted on orders of the KOFC and sniped off an additional dozen. Regradless, this is according to political script.

Others criticized him (TRUMP) for calling it a terrorist attacks before the facts of the case were fully known

,writes time magazine. Well, Trump knows for certain that it is a terrorist attack, he's not as stupid as to call something and risk his entire career. He knows what and when. Because his friends decide what and when.

петък, 10 юни 2016 г.

Blue angels and SU 27 crash - by the anti-archonists

Russian Knights and Blue Angels salutation.

Secondarily, part of the "ecumenism of blood", Although I would rather call it "brotherhood of blood", because it is not religious, but imperialistic sentiment at work here. Two major empires in the state of corruption and demise. But the underlying signification is much much deeper.

The crashes of both of these top of the line fighter jets of the two largest empires occurred 7 days apart, on the 2nd an 9th of June, respectively. These dates mark 497 (777) and 490 (77) days to the most significant 13 October 2017, deadline for the Fatima 100 year timer clock. Numerically,  as always, there are multiple references to the archonic powers scattered in particulars surrounding the crashes.

Blue Angels pilot killed in Tennessee jet crash

In the Blue Angels' 70th anniversary year, Thursday's crash makes the 27th Blue Angels fatality since their inception in 1946.
The last Blue Angels crash was in 2007 — and before that in 1999. No crashes have ever happened during Seattle's summer Seafair. 

Kuss joined the Blues in September 2014 with more than 1,400 flight hours to his name.

There was even another crash in the USA on the 2nd:

In a bizarre coincidence Blue Angels F/A-18 and a Thunderbirds F-16 crash on the very same day

In what is a really incredible coincidence, a U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds F-16 and a U.S. Navy Blue Angels F/A-18 have crashed on Jun. 2, 2016.
The first incident occurred to the Thunderbirds F-16 shortly after the demo team performed a flyover at the annual Air Force graduation ceremony in Colorado Springs, attended by President Barack Obama.
The pilot managed to eject before the aircraft crash landed (based on the photos that have emerged online) in a field not far from Peterson AFB, Colorado. According to the reports the jets involved in the incident is #6 that is assigned to Maj. Alex Turner a pilot with 1,200 flight hours and more than 270 combat hours over Libya and Iraq, at its first display season with the team.

 The numbers (777) or 7 represent the archons who rule under the chief archon. In other falling plane theatrics the plane was a symbol of the world, Sophia (the falling sophia) and others, but in this case the falling planes may represent the gnostic/satanic jesuit interpretation of "the powers of heaven will shake", by which they understand the 7 sub-rulers of God, in this case the angels who control USA and Russia, who they boast of usurping/defeating.

The people behind this are the ones st Jude speaks of, those who "speak evil of dignities" or the "glories", the glorious angels who oversee the works of providence in nations and the course of time on earth. They think that, having trodden all earthly power, they can play around with the heavenly creatures. Their fate is most terrible.

The pope has usurped the role of God and believes no plane falls without his will...... or so he thinks. 

Matthew 10:29
and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.

понеделник, 6 юни 2016 г.

Putin using nationalists or nationalists using Putin

Strelkov explained when he will replace Putin, "it (the regime) will devour itself"

Fighter wants to come to power during the peak of the crisis in Russia

Former rebel leader "DNI" Igor Girkin (arrows), who had previously announced the creation of a new organization "All-Russian National Movement", said he would not fight for power in a peaceful way, and intends to "save the country" by military means at a turning point - an this was stated in an interview with Znak.

"We used to say that the present regime is doomed, it will devour itself. We are witnessing the self-destruction of a regime that is not willing to change. It breaks and at the level of the economy and politics, and even the vertical of power, because it breaks. Our task - not to overthrow this regime, not least because of what we see in the case of Ukraine, the consequences of a coup. Our task is the following-. when the regime starts to fall in, we will be the force that will be able to save the country, we aim not to oppose the current regime, but to save the country from disaster and to build a new political future, "- the fighter claims.

Girkin says that his goal - in a situation of crisis, to take power into their own hands. "Another option for coming to power, now just does not exist Anyone who lives in our country and is not a pathological hypocrite or a member of the party." United Russia ", understands that all elections - since the early 90's are  just a fiction and mockery ", - says the gunman.
Strelkov is a preeminent commander and russian agent in the Ukrainian civil war.

It is hard to understand what this comment means. In Russia anything could be political bluffing. By this Putin could be creating himself an alibi for his past, present and future crimes, by sending the message that, due to political pressure from the hardline nationalists (this same argument is repeated in a recent article in the Huffington post - article here )  he has no choice, but to keep pushing his luck in Europe. But thats hardly an excuse, seeing he is using this same nationalism as a tool to win elections. . .  On the other hand this may be an early warning that Putin will soon be replaced with a true radical. But will the true masterminds discard his carefully built persona for a new villain, who can't be expected to have such an impact before the Tsar comes? In russia everything goes, but I still believe this is the jesuits' shenanigans to keep Putin afloat with an alibi for the time being.

четвъртък, 2 юни 2016 г.

Three stooges - appendix

Trump is an embodiment of calvinistic capitalism - nominally presbyterian. As a representative of the reformation, he will foment strife, civil war and fragmentation of old establishments (as he is currently doing with the media and the GOP).

Erdogan is an embodiment of islamic iconoclasm and aggressive expansionism.He will simply bring the fight to Eurasia.

Putin is an embodiment of the renegade orthodoxy. Catholicism's chief problem with orthodoxy is their rejection of papal authority. Renegade Orthodoxy is a liability, so it has to be decisively and forcefully divorced from its schismatic caesaro-papism. Rome doesnt have a problem with symphonism or even caesaropapism, as long as the Tsar and Tsardom is subject to the Catholic church, but Putin is representative of stand-alone caesaropapism and needs to fall.

These three are all fall men, embodiments of the largest schisms. However, I don't believe they are the proper fulfillment of the three horns of Daniel 7, as those were the three large SEES who contended with Rome for primacy back in the day. The historical interpretation is correct. And these rulers are jesuit drones, who perform the will of the alligator at Rome.